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The Hastings House Garden View in Morning
Garden Weddings    

Hastings House slideshow featuring the photographic artistry of Todd Rafalovich, Dave Medal, Kimberly White, Michael Wong, Wm Kirk Moore, Linda Montalto Patterson. Music performed by guitarist Richard Patterson.

Plan the wedding of your dreams in this beautiful garden setting.
The garden provides an intimate backdrop for your guests. The garden is available for ceremonies and receptions. You can create the wedding you wish.

The garden is in bloom throughout the year. Peak seasons for blooms are spring, summer and fall. The colors are varied with pinks, whites, yellows, blues, purples and reds in combinations that are pleasing to the eye and senses. Winter brings a cooler palette of blue, yellow and purple blossoms with a rich green backdrop.

Hastings House Garden is a peaceful, enchanted spot, situated on a half-acre lot on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Fragrant paths lure you into this oasis in the midst of hurried life. Meander through areas filled with herbs and sweetly scented roses reminiscent of gardens of old. You continue through to a lovely meadow of grass surrounded by stately trees and colorful gardens. You are in a private and secluded setting. The crashing ocean waves and the songs of birds are the music of this garden site.

Linda Montalto Patterson, the gardener and designer of Hastings House, started working on the gardens in 1984. She has a background in the fine arts and most of her work is inspired by the beauty of nature. It seemed a natural progression to extend her artistic eye to the landscape around her and thus Hastings House Garden was born.

The garden site is available by appointment at your convenience. Please call to set up a time to see the lovely Hastings House Garden and learn more about fees, deposits and capacity.

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